What if we told you our services can give you the power to cut your energy consumption and save costs?

In simple terms, we save energy and costs by using cutting edge technology to manipulate your current appliances, including heating, refrigeration and cooling systems to work more efficiently, thereby reducing your energy bills and your carbon footprint.

“We measure our success by how much we save our clients!”

Founder of Tutum Energy.


It’s all about the science

Our team has a data-driven approach to business and energy savings. We guarantee that clients can reduce their energy consumption significantly, and want to share the science behind the systems. Once people understand the technology and application of our services, they can start benefiting from the cheaper bills and lower energy consumption.

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Big savings for big brands

We’re already helping big name brands, like Coca Cola and the Restaurant Group and also large organisations such as hospitals, to significantly cut their carbon footprint to meet their net zero initiatives. All have benefitted from lower energy consumption, substantial cost savings and reduced carbon emissions.

Tutum Energy has exclusive distribution rights for certain products throughout the UK, Ireland and Spain, so you will not find our suite of energy saving services available from any other supplier! 


Who we are

We’ve been working in the sustainability sector since solar energy first hit the market. We’ve watched technology evolve and cherry picked the most innovative products that will make the most impactful difference. Primarily, we provide commercial solutions applied to heating, refrigeration and air-conditioning systems. However, we also offer domestic solutions for individual clients who are eager to be more environmentally responsible whilst cutting energy costs.


Meet the team



Natasha Tildesley

Operations Manager, Tutum Energy, Spain
I was born and raised in Marbella, where I attended Spanish private schools and later Aloha College. At 18, I moved to study clothing design and went on to work as a fashion buyer for Jaeger and Debenhams.

I subsequently moved back to Spain where I have been a property consultant, and currently I am also working with Tutum Energy.



Steve Wiley

European Client Relationship Manager, Tutum Energy, Spain
Born in Manchester, Steve graduated from UCLan with a degree in Business Studies and Business French where he also studied Spanish and Italian. His work experience includes fashion retail and technology sales. Now living in Spain, he co-founded a prominent and successful real estate company, with which he is still involved, and is now responsible for the launch and growth of Tutum Energy in Spain.


Our clients

Our advanced technology solutions are primarily designed to help large enterprises and organizations achieve significant long-term cost savings by reducing energy consumption.
Prior to launching in Spain in 2023, Tutum Energy has been operating in the UK since 2020 and over the years we have helped many clients, including household names such as Subway and Greggs, to successfully increase their energy efficiency ratings by up to 30%.

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