You can dramatically improve the energy efficiency of your heating and cooling systems and improve heat transfer by up to 15%!

You can do this with Maxwell™ heat transfer fluid.

“A revolutionary cooling solution for the challenges of a warming planet”

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Improve energy efficiency rating and heat transfer!

You can save electricity, increase heat transfer and cut costs by using Maxwell’s™ ‘nanofluid’ (drop in heater fluid additive) in your cooling and heating system, whilst significantly reducing your carbon footprint.

  • Substantial energy savings
  • Reduce carbon emissions in proportion to reduced energy consumption
  • Increase capacity of existing equipment
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Maxwell™ heat transfer enhancing technology can be applied across a wide spectrum of industries, including office buildings, data centres, health care, manufacturing, warehousing and residences.



HVAC systems’ long-term performance and maintenance costs can be significantly improved by Maxwell™ nanofluid, allowing more efficient equipment selection, smaller equipment room (MER), electrical service sizing and more.


Heat pumps

Many HVAC systems add glycol to the base fluid for freeze protection which reduces the thermal energy transfer – the glycol penalty. Maxwell™ increases thermal energy transfer, substantially offsetting the “glycol penalty” in existing buildings.


Energy recovery systems

Maxwell™ nanofluid increases heat transfer in the exhaust fan recovery coil and the air handler coil by around 15%, allowing the pump to run at a lower flow rate. Thereby reducing energy consumption and carbon footprint.


Pumps, fans & thermal units

Maxwell™ increases thermal energy transfer throughout the hydronic system, allowing fan coils, air handling units, system pumps and supply to operate at a lower energy saving level, without compromising comfort.


How Maxwell™ can help your business

When trying to meet stringent sustainability targets to save energy and reduce your company’s carbon footprint, the savvy solution is to implement the latest energy and cost saving technology, that will deliver the most meaningful impact. Here are just some of the ways Maxwell™ can benefit your business:

  • Substantial energy savings
  • Reduce carbon emissions in proportion to reduced energy consumption
  • Increase capacity of existing equipment
  • Improve equipment capacity and performance
  • Choose smaller, cheaper, more efficient equipment
  • Lasts for 10+ years, after which can be recovered and recycled
  • Works on wide temperature range
  • Guaranteed, non-corrosive and non-toxic
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How it works

Maxwell™ is a base fluid (water, sometimes with glycol) containing suspended engineered sub-micron aluminium oxide particles. The nanofluid is then dropped in to heating and cooling systems to enhance heat transfer.

Scottish scientist, James Clark Maxwell (from whom the technology takes its name) created the world’s first heat transfer fluid. In the 19th century, he discovered that the addition of metallic particles to water improves thermal energy transfer and saves energy.

Today, Maxwell™ nanofluid is a patented implementation of this science which can be applied to any systems which use closed hydronic loops (chillers, heat pumps etc), allowing widespread energy conversation thanks to the stable suspension of metallic nanoparticles!


Speedy payback period

What’s more, because Maxwell™ nanofluid is so efficient, the cost of typical installation is usually paid back within just 1 to 3 years!


Sustainability Impact

With companies trying to meet stringent sustainability targets, Maxwell™ is a simple, low-cost method for delivering a meaningful impact across a wide range of applications and industries.

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Personalised Energy Reduction Proposal

To assess the potential savings and return on investment that can be achieved by using Maxwell™, our experts will conduct an initial assessment. The detailed system and plant data provided will allow us to produce a personalised energy reduction proposal.


System & site information

  • Type and location of facility (hotel, office, pharmaceutical)
  • Description of the chiller, heat pump, energy recovery unit etc.
  • Manufacturer, model number and size
  • Dimensions of the facility / size (square feet or metres)


Plant / site data

  • Mechanical drawings
  • Equipment schedules
  • Photos of plant / mechanical room
  • P & IDs for the plan


System data

  • Quantity, composition and sample of fluid used in the circuit
  • Load served by the circuit
  • Temperature set points for system components
  • Chiller / pump & plant room start up reports
  • Sequence of operations system (cooling / heating
  • Historical performance data



Maxwell™ is an engineered base fluid with submicron aluminum oxide particles suspended. A drop of this base fluid is added to cooling or heating systems to enhance heat transfer, which reduces energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Maxwell™ is a revolutionary heat transfer nanofluid that is added to hydronic cooling and heating systems to make them more energy efficient and cost effective.

Maxwell™ nanofluid improves heating transfer in a chiller evaporator by 12.5% to 15%, thereby reducing the compressor lift (work required to retain the desired temperature) and electricity consumption.

Maxwell™ nanofluid works by increasing the heat transfer from the outside air (or condenser fluid) to the system fluid. The increase in heat transfer reduces compressor lift (energy consumption required) to achieve energy savings of between 12.5 % to 15%.

Maxwell™ heat transfer nanofluid delivers many benefits. Energy savings are achieved by Maxwell™ heat transfer nanofluid by making your chiller or heat pump system work more efficiently, thereby increasing performance and reducing maintenance requirements. The inclusion of Maxwell™ could allow to use a smaller, less costly but more efficient equipment and can prolong its life by 10 years plus.

Maxwell™ patented innovative heat transfer nanofluid additive can be used across all fields of industry, achieving energy savings in office buildings, data-centres, healthcare, manufacturing, warehousing and also for residential clients.

Maxwell™ delivers instant results of up to 15% reduction in energy consumption, lower carbon emissions and an increase in HVAC system capacity.

The reduction in energy consumption can be seen via My Maxwell™ Intelligent Monitoring. The real time energy savings and carbon emissions are measured in real time and can be accessed via the cloud monitoring portal.

Yes, Maxwell™ can be used in HVAC systems that provide environmental cooling and heating to manufacturing areas. Certain manufacturing processes may be able to use Maxwell™ in closed chilled water loops that serve production equipment requiring cooling.

Yes, chillers, heat pumps and associated mechanical systems will operate more energy- efficiently with Maxwell™ added to the system. Maxwell™ is a simple, instant and cost-effective way for building owners and property managers to reduce energy costs and meet regulatory green initiative targets.

Traditional closed-loop chilled water cooling and hot water heating systems in residential properties can benefit from Maxwell™. For water-source heat pumps, Maxwell can be added to the central condenser fluid loop to reduce power consumption by the compressors and lower fluid flow rates.

Maxwell™ nanofluid additive is guaranteed for a lifespan of over 10 years. There is no downtime, it is a simple drop-in additive, which is non-toxic and non-corrosive. You can rest assured that the nanoparticles will help you to make energy savings and reduce your company’s carbon footprint for many years.

Most warehouses and logistic centres use a combination of chillers and adiabatic cooling. Any closed loop hydronic systems can use Maxwell to reduce the energy consumption of compressors, pumps and fans.

Maxwell’s level of efficiency means that the cost of a typical installation is generally paid back within 1 to 2 years, depending on the utilization rate of HVAC equipment and the local costs of electricity/natural gas.


Our clients

We already help big businesses and large organisations to achieve their energy saving and carbon footprint reduction goals without impacting the output of existing cooling appliances. No matter the size of the business or energy output, every client we work can expect to achieve huge reductions of up to 40%, see substantial savings each year and be well on their way towards achieving net zero.

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Our highly experienced team of professionals has worked within the sustainability sector since the launch of solar energy. We have followed the development of new technology and acquired innovative products that will help to improve the efficiency of appliances, mainly for the commercial markets. We measure our success by how much energy and costs we can save our clients.
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