General questions

Yes, Tutum Energy can guarantee energy savings of up to 40%. We can help reduce your energy bills and reduce annual carbon emissions. We offer three different methods of saving energy and cutting costs: Coolnomix® patented smart technology, Maxwell™ heat transfer nanofluid and the M2G intelligent boiler load controller.

Tutum Energy’s team follows a data-driven scientific approach to achieving guaranteed energy savings. Our innovative yet deceptively simple solutions are based on patented smart technology and nanofluid, which works in conjunction with your current system to guarantee cheaper energy bills and lower energy consumption.

You will not find our range of energy conservation products available from any other suppliers. Tutum Energy has exclusive operating in several countries.

Tutum Energy operates in the UK, Ireland and Spain. We already provide energy savings in air conditioning, refrigeration and cooling systems for big name brands including Greggs, Coca Cola, Microsoft, Subway, the NHS and more.


Maxwell™ is an engineered base fluid with submicron aluminum oxide particles suspended. A drop of this base fluid is added to cooling or heating systems to enhance heat transfer, which reduces energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Maxwell™ is a revolutionary heat transfer nanofluid that is added to hydronic cooling and heating systems to make them more energy efficient and cost effective.

Maxwell™ nanofluid improves heating transfer in a chiller evaporator by 12.5% to 15%, thereby reducing the compressor lift (work required to retain the desired temperature) and electricity consumption.

Maxwell™ nanofluid works by increasing the heat transfer from the outside air (or condenser fluid) to the system fluid. The increase in heat transfer reduces compressor lift (energy consumption required) to achieve energy savings of between 12.5 % to 15%.

Maxwell™ heat transfer nanofluid delivers many benefits. Energy savings are achieved by Maxwell™ heat transfer nanofluid by making your chiller or heat pump system work more efficiently, thereby increasing performance and reducing maintenance requirements. The inclusion of Maxwell™ could allow to use a smaller, less costly but more efficient equipment and can prolong its life by 10 years plus.

Maxwell™ patented innovative heat transfer nanofluid additive can be used across all fields of industry, achieving energy savings in office buildings, data-centres, healthcare, manufacturing, warehousing and also for residential clients.

Maxwell™ delivers instant results of up to 15% reduction in energy consumption, lower carbon emissions and an increase in HVAC system capacity.

The reduction in energy consumption can be seen via My Maxwell™ Intelligent Monitoring. The real time energy savings and carbon emissions are measured in real time and can be accessed via the cloud monitoring portal.

Yes, Maxwell™ can be used in HVAC systems that provide environmental cooling and heating to manufacturing areas. Certain manufacturing processes may be able to use Maxwell™ in closed chilled water loops that serve production equipment requiring cooling.

Yes, chillers, heat pumps and associated mechanical systems will operate more energy- efficiently with Maxwell™ added to the system. Maxwell™ is a simple, instant and cost-effective way for building owners and property managers to reduce energy costs and meet regulatory green initiative targets.

Traditional closed-loop chilled water cooling and hot water heating systems in residential properties can benefit from Maxwell™. For water-source heat pumps, Maxwell can be added to the central condenser fluid loop to reduce power consumption by the compressors and lower fluid flow rates.

Maxwell™ nanofluid additive is guaranteed for a lifespan of over 10 years. There is no downtime, it is a simple drop-in additive, which is non-toxic and non-corrosive. You can rest assured that the nanoparticles will help you to make energy savings and reduce your company’s carbon footprint for many years.

Most warehouses and logistic centres use a combination of chillers and adiabatic cooling. Any closed loop hydronic systems can use Maxwell to reduce the energy consumption of compressors, pumps and fans.

Maxwell’s level of efficiency means that the cost of a typical installation is generally paid back within 1 to 2 years, depending on the utilization rate of HVAC equipment and the local costs of electricity/natural gas.


Yes, you will still need Coolnomix® even if you are reducing your carbon footprint by using energy efficient solar panels, unless you have sufficient batteries to store the power. Therefore, Coolnomix® will be needed to help you to save energy on the power you use after the sun goes down.

Coolnomix® guarantees energy savings when using the air-conditioning cooling system. It is not suitable for hot air settings.

Coolnomix® systems reduce energy consumption by an average of 30% across a wide range of sectors including food and beverage, retail and manufacturing.

Yes, Coolnomix® is a good solution for achieving energy savings on air conditioning units. The technology can be used in conjunction with commercial split type units, such as wall-mounted cassette based, package based, double expansion DX units, ducted air-conditioners with AHUs and inverter based VRV and VRF air-conditioners.

Coolnomix® can save electricity and help reduce carbon emissions when used in conjunction with any industrial refrigerator such as those used in food processing, walk-in style refrigerators for food and beverages and or retail sector refrigerators used for displaying dairy, wine etc.

Coolnomix® can save energy across all industry fields, from food and beverage walk-in refrigeration systems to hospital air-conditioning. Coolnomix® can also achieve substantial energy savings when attached to cooling systems which are crucial for server rooms and comms rooms.

Coolnomix® uses two temperature sensors to monitor the hydraulic (refrigerant supply) performance of the connected refrigeration system. An algorithmic energy trading system uses the temperature sensor to ensure the refrigerated space retains the desired temperature. A second sensor identifies when the compressor has produced the right amount of refrigerant. The Coolnomix® system then starts and stops the compressor at appropriate times to optimise running costs.

Typically, the energy savings achieved by installing Coolnomix® on your refrigeration and air conditioning will deliver a rapid return on your investment, paybacks are typically within 12 months.

Coolnomix® optimizes the operational run-time of the cooling system compressor. Since the compressor accounts for 95% of the power consumption of a cooling system, optimizing its runtime can deliver very large savings. Coolnomix® employs two temperature sensors – one to regulate the room/space temperature delivered, the other to measure the cold-supply air temperature. The latter is used to determine when the hydraulic work of the compressor is completed – when the refrigerant gas is fully compressed. Once this reservoir of cold-supply has been created, Coolnomix® stops (non-inverter) or slows down (inverter) the compressor until further hydraulic work is needed. It is the compressor off-time or slowed-time that delivers the astonishing energy savings.

The internationally patented process Optimized Refrigerant Supply (ORS®) which is incorporated in Coolnomix® has specific protection included within its function. This includes protection against too frequent stop-start of the compressor and assurance that every re-start is always a soft-start – the re-start of the compressor is never under load since the suction and discharge pressures are guaranteed to be in equilibrium. As a result there is no adverse effect on the operational life of the compressor of the cooling system.

ORS® incorporates a priority on delivering the required room/space temperature – energy savings will be sacrificed in order to ensure the room/space temperature is achieved. Coolnomix® typically improves temperature control in air-conditioning and refrigeration systems. In contrast with most installations having room/space temperature variations of 1-2°C (1.8-3.6°F), our dual temperature sensor approach commonly limits room temperature variations to 50% of that experienced without Coolnomix®.

Coolnomix® acts as an Intelligent thermostat, sending only a thermostatic request for the compressor to run or to stop it (non-inverter) or slow it (inverter). The sometimes complex system control boards found in cooling systems suffer no interference from fitting Coolnomix®. There is also now an economic factor to consider: for the ~20% of cooling systems still under warranty, what was a no-cost warranty now carries a penalty of unnecessary system operation costs of 30%+ if Coolnomix® is not fitted!

Coolnomix® delivers energy savings on air conditioners of any size and any kind, including:

  • Commercial split-type air conditioners (e.g. wall mounted or ceiling cassettes)
  • package based and double expansion (DX) units up to the largest sizes available
  • ducted AC’s with AHU’s
  • inverter based (VRV and VRF) AC’s On refrigerators, Coolnomix® can be deployed to deliver energy savings on:
  • walk-in refrigerators used in the Food and Beverage sector
  • Retail sector refrigerators; vegetable and dairy display units; cold drink cabinet
  • wine warehousing refrigeration

Optimized Refrigerant Supply (ORS®) is Agile8 Consulting Ltd’s unique, patented advanced control technology for refrigerant based systems. All Coolnomix® products make use of ORS® to achieve an appropriate balance between energy consumption and the supply of refrigerant needed to deliver required comfort levels.

Coolnomix® makes significant energy savings by reducing the compressor run time. This is because the main cost of running air conditioning is the cooling system compressor. When running without the connection to the Coolnomix® smart technology, the compressor running for much longer than required. With just one small device you can save energy and cut your carbon footprint.

Yes, the Coolnomix® smart technology is the perfect system for reducing power consumption when running commercial air conditioning and refrigeration units in hot countries like Spain. The system can help all sizes of business, including large organisations to achieve significant reduction in electricity consumption and cost savings.

No problem, you can book a free 30-day trial so you can see for yourself the energy saving potential of using the Coolnomix® patented technology. What’s more, you not only save energy, you also save money and reduce your carbon emissions. If you want to find out how easy it is to start saving money and energy, get in touch today by calling +951 378 042 or request a call back via the website.


You can improve your company’s energy efficiency ratings and reduce its carbon footprint M2G intelligent boiler load controller. The efficiencies achieved will be instantly visible and you will see energy savings of between 10-25%.

Boilers are designed to fire on and off to produce the required heat, even in the coldest temperatures but these short cycles reduce the lifespan of the boiler and use unnecessary energy. M2G’s smart technology stops the boiler from firing during warm conditions or due to standing losses from the boiler. Using the M2G technology can prevent up to 65% of short cycles resulting in substantial energy savings of between 10 to 25% and reduced carbon emissions.

The flow and return of the water is monitored by a smart box and the M2G algorithm will analyze the boiler’s load profile and determine if the boiler is firing up because heat is needed or simply to fulfil a cycle. By preventing unnecessary firing up, real energy savings are achieved.

Once a boiler has heated the water and distributed it around the building it naturally starts to lose heat. However, it doesn’t always need to be reheated and by preventing the boiler from ‘dry cycling’ it saves energy and reduces carbon emissions. Watch the explainer video to find out more.

The M2G smart technology takes initial readings of showing the temperature of the water flow and return and allocates a tolerance of 8 degrees on the flow and 3 degrees on the return. Readings are then taken every second to monitor the real time temperature. Should the temperature drop below these tolerances, then the boiler will be allowed to reheat the water. If the water temperature has cooled but remains below the tolerances then M2G will prevent the boiler from firing up for a maximum of 15 minutes. By delaying and preventing unnecessary ‘dry cycling’ you are guaranteed to reduce electricity consumption and cut carbon emissions.

The M2G unites can be used with a wide range of commercial boilers which are powered by natural gas, propane, LPG or Oil.

Installation is quick and easy. Tutum Energy’s experienced team will need approximately 1.5 hours to install the M2G on each boiler. No further adjustments or calibration will be required once it has been installed.

Yes, there will be no downtime or disruption to heating while the M2G unit is being installed.