You can instantly reduce your energy consumption and carbon footprint, achieving savings of up to 20%.

Experience the M2G’s unmatched efficiency and unlock your boiler’s full potential, today!

“Diga adiós a las calderas ineficientes y hola al futuro del ahorro energético mediante la optimización de su caldera”

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About M2G Intelligent Boiler Technology

Improve the heat efficiency of commercial hot water boilers!

The M2G intelligent boiler load controller is a smart device designed to improve the heat efficiency of commercial hot water boilers. The system works by attaching a unit to each boiler, you can reduce electricity consumption and take the energy efficiency of your boiler to new heights. This revolutionary ‘boiler load optimisation controller’ will help you achieve maximum energy savings and a reduction in your carbon footprint.

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The M2G covers a wide range of fuel sources, including gas and oil firing applications, which means you no longer need to settle for inefficient atmospheric boilers, instead you can experience the unparalleled efficiency load optimisation with the M2G. M2G Intelligent boiler load controller works seamlessly with any boiler setup.

Types of boilers that are compatible with M2G

  • Closed loop hot water boilers
  • Low-temperature hot water boilers
  • High and low forced draught burners
  • Boilers powered by natural gas, propane, LPG or oil
  • Single stage, two-stage and the majority of modulating burners
  • Boilers with or without temperature reset controls
  • Boilers / systems with or without building management systems

Please note, the M2G is not compatible with electric or steam boilers, domestic water heaters, boilers that don’t operate in cycles.


How M2G can help your business

As a business owner you need all the help you can get to meet strict ESG targets, including the implementation of measures to improve energy efficiency ratings and to reduce the carbon footprint. The M2G intelligent boiler load controller is an advanced technological device designed to instantly and visibly reduce your energy and carbon emissions. Thereby achieving substantial savings of between 10-25%.

  • Deliver visible energy and carbon reductions instantly.
  • Benefit from a unique level of carbon emissions management of individual boilers across all sites located around the world
  • Plant forensic analytics to help you achieve your company’s ESG targets
  • Increase the lifespan of your boilers through reduced firing
  • Achieve typical savings of between 10 and 25%
  • High ROI usually within 6 to 24 months
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How it works

The innovative M2G system is at the cutting edge of energy savings and boiler efficiency. All boilers are oversized in order to deal with the coldest temperatures, firing on and off to produce the desired heat. This method of short cycles can seriously reduce the lifespan of the boiler. The M2G smart technology prevents short-cycling ensuring that a boiler does not fire unnecessarily during light conditions (warm) or in response to standing losses from the boiler.

A smart unit is attached to measure the water flow and return which is then analyzed using the M2G’s algorithms to ascertain the boiler load profile. It will automatically assess the drop in water temperature and determine if there is a need for heat in the building or if the boiler is simply firing up to fulfil an unnecessary heat distribution cycle.

As a result of using the M2G technology you can achieve a reduction in firing up of 65% which will equate to energy savings between 10% to 25% and a reduction in your carbon footprint.

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You can improve your company’s energy efficiency ratings and reduce its carbon footprint M2G intelligent boiler load controller. The efficiencies achieved will be instantly visible and you will see energy savings of between 10-25%.

Boilers are designed to fire on and off to produce the required heat, even in the coldest temperatures but these short cycles reduce the lifespan of the boiler and use unnecessary energy. M2G’s smart technology stops the boiler from firing during warm conditions or due to standing losses from the boiler. Using the M2G technology can prevent up to 65% of short cycles resulting in substantial energy savings of between 10 to 25% and reduced carbon emissions.

The flow and return of the water is monitored by a smart box and the M2G algorithm will analyze the boiler’s load profile and determine if the boiler is firing up because heat is needed or simply to fulfil a cycle. By preventing unnecessary firing up, real energy savings are achieved.

Once a boiler has heated the water and distributed it around the building it naturally starts to lose heat. However, it doesn’t always need to be reheated and by preventing the boiler from ‘dry cycling’ it saves energy and reduces carbon emissions. Watch the explainer video to find out more.

The M2G smart technology takes initial readings of showing the temperature of the water flow and return and allocates a tolerance of 8 degrees on the flow and 3 degrees on the return. Readings are then taken every second to monitor the real time temperature. Should the temperature drop below these tolerances, then the boiler will be allowed to reheat the water. If the water temperature has cooled but remains below the tolerances then M2G will prevent the boiler from firing up for a maximum of 15 minutes. By delaying and preventing unnecessary ‘dry cycling’ you are guaranteed to reduce electricity consumption and cut carbon emissions.

The M2G unites can be used with a wide range of commercial boilers which are powered by natural gas, propane, LPG or Oil.

Installation is quick and easy. Tutum Energy’s experienced team will need approximately 1.5 hours to install the M2G on each boiler. No further adjustments or calibration will be required once it has been installed.

Yes, there will be no downtime or disruption to heating while the M2G unit is being installed.

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