Importance of energy efficient air conditioning in Spain

Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning in Spain

The first air conditioning system was invented in 1902, by US engineer Willis Haviland Carrier which changed the way we live and work. As a result, he was named by ‘Time’ magazine as one of the most 100 influential people of the 20th Century.

Fast-forward to 2023, according to the International Energy Agency (IEA) there are currently over 2 billion air conditioning units in operation around the globe. Which is constantly increasing the demand for energy to power cooling systems and over the next 30 years, the use of air conditioners is set to be much greater. Therefore, efficiency standards and energy saving technology solutions are crucial for reducing energy consumption and carbon emissions.

It is difficult to imagine life without air conditioning, particularly in warmer climates like southern Spain. Not only for comfort, but also for commerce. Industries from food and beverage to pharmaceuticals and data centres, rely on cooling systems for production processes and preservation. Chemical and petrochemical industries also require precise temperature-controlled cooling systems. Figures published by the Business Federation of the Spanish Chemical Industry state there are over 3,000 companies operating in this sector, which equates to substantial electricity consumption.

Government legislation limiting air conditioning

In August 2022, during the extremely hot summer, refrigerators and air conditioning units in Spain were working overtime to ensure the wellbeing and comfort of the population. In the light of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and the resultant worries about energy supplies, the rate that energy was being consumed became a worrying issue for the Spanish government. The question of how to reduce air conditioning power consumption was answered by introducing minimum and maximum temperature limits. A decree was issued stating that commercial air conditioning and heating in large commercial buildings, shops and restaurants etc. could not be set below 19C or above 27C.

However, the decree was a ‘quick fix’ that could not be applied to the industries mentioned above. A long-term solution must be found that will allow cooling systems to work efficiently whilst reducing electricity consumption, energy bills and cutting carbon footprints.

Coolnomix® energy saving smart box

Rather than legislation, the focus should be placed on smart technology, such as the patented energy saving smart technology system Coolnomix®, which has recently been launched in Spain. Coolnomix® is a smart device that guarantees to cut energy consumption, without reducing performance (suitable for both air conditioning and refrigeration systems). The Coolnomix® technology guarantees energy savings of up to 40% on refrigeration and 30% on air-conditioning.

Sign up for a 28-day pilot trial

Tutum Energy Spain is offering potential clients the opportunity to see these energy savings first-hand by offering free 28-day trials. Many gadgets and gizmos purport to save energy and money, however, Coolnomix® can guarantee savings based on the technology.

The science behind the technology is fairly simple, the amount of electricity used by air-conditioning units is much higher than it needs to be and can be cut by reducing the run time on the cooling compressor. After implementation, Coolnomix® works by capping the power used without affecting the performance. If all businesses were to adopt this technology, there would be no need for decrees capping temperature levels, on the contrary cooling systems would operate more efficiently, using less electricity and without interruption to output.

The challenge for today’s scientists and engineers is not to reinvent Carrier’s game-changing air conditioning system, instead the focus is on developing the technology to ensure maximum output and minimum expense, whilst safeguarding the world’s precious resources.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Coolnomix® guarantee energy savings and reduced power consumption?

Coolnomix® smart technology is a tried and tested system which has been proven to provide substantial energy savings on air conditioning. The savings are achieved by reducing the compressor run time. Tutum Energy Spain offers 28-day free pilot trials, so that you can see real-time the energy savings. Find out more by calling +951 378 042 or request a call back via the website.

Can Coolnomix® be connected to my current air conditioning system?

Yes, the Coolnomix® smart device is designed to be used on most types of air conditioning systems to reduce power consumption. For more details, visit our website and download the brochure.

How do I attach the Coolnomix® smart device?

When you sign-up for a 28-day free pilot trial, Tutum Energy’s engineers will visit your home or premises to assess the site and then return to attach the Coolnomix® smart devices. You do not need to do anything, other than wait to see the energy savings and the reduction in carbon emissions that can be achieved.